Intro to Online ADs

This is an introduction to online advertising. It’s now a very big business in the world. One of the largest media in the world. In the same way that advertises have been ongoing on the TV, radio, and newspapers, marketers now spend a huge amount of cash on display money on big portals, and publishers. Also on sponsored links.

So, what are the main forms of online advertising?

There are three types. There are displays like banners and skyscrapers. There are also classifieds, where people look for jobs, recruitment, or cars. There is also the search, which makes up the biggest piece of the cake.

So, which type of online advertising is the most important and why?

All forms of online advertising are important. Banners and skyscrapers have been around for decades, however, video is probably the most effective brand medium online.

Pay-per-click search is very big in the UK, and a route-one direct medium for advertisers.

Classifieds is about 21% of the market, and for recruitment, and for finding cars, that is for classifieds.