Online AD Types

We’ve all seen an online ad, and you probably have clicked one once in your life. Maybe by accident, or maybe you liked the certain color on that t-shirt.

Most people do not really spend time thinking about what exactly online ads are.

Well, there are two types: (1) Search ads, and (2) display ads.

Whenever people search for certain topics, advertisers can pay for their ads to show up alongside the search results. Advertisers can showcase their business whenever it’s relevant to a person’s searches. This takes advantage of the opportunity of the customer’s needs.

Display ads, unlike search ads, can appear on all types of websites. They are also called display banners. They come in all sizes and varying complexities. You can even play a game on the ad. There is always a call-to-action for you to visit the company’s website.

Whatever your ad is, it will certainly help you accomplish your goal of increasing sales.