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InternetAdvertisingSolution Privacy Policy

Last Updated: October 29, 2016

We at InternetAdvertisingSolution, Inc. (“InternetAdvertisingSolution”) are constantly striving to provide excellent service to you while building a long-lasting relationship with you.  Our goal is to provide you with a personalized online experience that provides you with the information, resources, and services that are most relevant and helpful to you.  This Privacy Statement has been written to describe the conditions under which this website is being made available to you. The Privacy Statement discusses, among other things, how data obtained during your visit to this website may be collected and used.  We strongly recommend that you read the Privacy Statement carefully.  By using this website, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Statement.  If you do not accept the terms of the Privacy Statement, you are directed to discontinue accessing or otherwise using the website or any materials obtained from it.  If you are dissatisfied with the website, by all means contact us at ; otherwise, your only recourse is to disconnect from this site and to refrain from visiting the site in the future.

To achieve our goal in providing you with excellent services, we may need to collect information about you when you visit our websites. When you visit our sites, you may be providing InternetAdvertisingSolution with information about your visit on two levels:

Aggregated statistics collected as you browse our web sites.

Organizational and personal information you knowingly give us.

Because InternetAdvertisingSolution respects your right to privacy, we want you to be aware of how we handle this information.  We protect your personal information using industry-standard safeguards. We may share your information to third parties: (1) where necessary to carry out your instructions; (2) for any business purpose that we, at our sole discretion, deem reasonable; (3) as  necessary in order to provide you with the services or functionality offered at our site; (4) as necessary to enforce our then-current Terms of Use, if any or to protect the rights, property, or safety of InternetAdvertisingSolution, its customers, and the public; (5) or as required by law.


Sites Covered by this Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement applies to all websites, domains, software, offerings, information portals, and registries (“site”, “sites” and/or “services”) maintained by InternetAdvertisingSolution.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

InternetAdvertisingSolution may decide at some point in the future, without advance notice, to modify this Privacy Policy by posting a new Policy at this site and noting the date upon which the new policy is effective and/or by sending you an email with the new terms.  Please review the changes to our Policy carefully.  If you agree to the terms, simply continue to use the services offered at our site.  If you object to any of the changes to the Privacy Policy, please do not continue to use our services, as your continued use of the services after we’ve posted a notice of changes to the Privacy Policy shall constitute your consent to the changed terms or practices.